On April 18th 2018, the Government approved an Emergency Ordinance amending the Law on cadastre and land registration no. 7/1996.

This piece of legislation is aimed at speeding up and increasing the efficiency of real estate registrations in the land registry system.

Important amendments include:

  • Updated rules regarding the processing of personal data in line with the new legislation in the field.
  • Initiation of new landbooks may be performed on the basis of the inheritance certificate, regardless of the opening date of the inheritance procedure or on the basis of a voluntary partition deed in authenticated form or a judicial partition.
  • For public property, registration is performed based on ownership deeds or, in their absence, on the basis of an excerpt from the centralized inventory of such property in the required form.
  • The term for the establishment of at least one office for cadastre and land registration (or a public relation office where appropriate) for each judicial district has been extended until December 31st  .

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