Georgiana Sirbu
Georgiana Sirbu, Co – Managing Partner, Sirbu&Vornicu

Georgiana Sirbu practiced law at one of the biggest law firms in Bucharest, NNDKP. Following this, she was at the helm of the legal department of international energy giant AstroEnergy, part of the Chint Group with a presence in over 140 countries with more than 30,000 employees. As Head of Legal in Spain, she was in driving seat for the legal management of more than 15 offices in Spain, Romania, Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

Georgiana holds degrees in law and economics and a master’s degree in business law. She has taught at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona – a world-leading university ranked amongst the best universities in Spain where she has been involved in internationally renowned legal research groups.

She is valued for her ability to truly understand and empathize with her clients’ business interests and for her results-driven legal strategies and knowledge of public procurement, real estate and energy.

Roxana Vornicu
Roxana Vornicu, Co-Managing Partner, Sirbu&Vornicu

Roxana Vornicu is recognized nationally and internationally for her public procurement and EU law expertise and she combines academic excellence with legal practice for almost a decade. As a practitioner, Roxana specializes in procurement, construction and administrative law. She has worked for one of the biggest law firm in the country (NNDKP) for over 7 years, managing and working in some of the highest profile administrative disputes of Romania. She handles complex strategies for procurement and administrative disputes and holds comprehensive knowledge and thorough understanding of EU procurement law.

Her academic accomplishments are stellar. She holds a Magna Cum Laudae PhD in procurement remedies and is regularly invited as a speaker to elite universities and conferences in Europe, including for instance, Oxford Business School. Roxana is also a part time researcher at the King´s College London Centre of Construction law and Dispute Resolution in London. While at King´s, Roxana works in the field of emerging construction technologies like Building Information Modelling and their legal consequences throughout the procurement and development of construction projects.

Roxana has an impressive publication record of articles and papers in international and peer reviewed journals, having published with some of the elite publishers in the world, including Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press on topics of EU law, public procurement law, construction law and comparative administrative law.

  • R Vornicu, ´Promotion of new technologies to foster SPP – the example of BIM in the construction sector´, published in Andhov, M., Caranta, R., Stoffel, T., Grandia, J., Janssen, W. A., Vornicu, R., … Wiesbrock, A. (2020)- ´Sustainability through public procurement: the way forward – Reform Proposals´. See a copy available here
  • R. Vornicu, ´Legea 98/2016 privind achizițiile publice comentata´,
    Wolters Kluwer Online, Co-author Dacian Dragos. See more details here
  • R. Vornicu ´Concessions and PPP in Romania´, in Piotr Bogdanowicz, Roberto Caranta, Pedro Telles (eds), Public-Private Partnerships and
    Concessions in the EU, Edward Elgar 2020, Co-author Dacian Dragos
  • Vornicu, R. ´Procurement Damages in the UK and France – Why So Different? journal article Revisiting the Issue in Light of the Fosen-Linjen Saga´, European Procurement and Public Private Partnership review (EPPPL), Special Issue on the Legal Remedies and Implications from the Fosen-Linjen Case. See details here.
  • Vornicu, R. ´The Sufficiently Serious Breach Test in Action. Damages in Procurement Law and a Tale of Three Courts: the CJEU, the UK Supreme Court and the EFTA Court. See details here
  • Vornicu R. ´Tendencies and Developments in Romanian Administrative Law´, in J.B. Auby, Le futur du Droit Administratif, Sous la direction de Jean-Bernard Auby, avec la collaboration d’Émilie Chevalier et Emmanuel Slautsky, co-authored with D.C. Dragos, LexisNexis, 2019. See details here
  • Vornicu, R., ´Protecting the environment in investor state disputes: comparative administrative law as a source for the proportionality test´ in press with Cambridge University Press in a collective volume titled Engaging with domestic law in international adjudication (in press).
  • Vornicu, R., ‘The implementation of the Concession Directive in Romania’, published with Munus Rivista giuridica dei servizi pubblici, vol. 3/2018.
  • Vornicu, R, ´Administrative liability in Romania´, in a collective volume published with Oxford University Press edited by Giacinto della Cananea & Roberto Caranta (in press).

View full list of publications here

Stefan Dudas
Stefan Dudas, Of counsel, Sirbu&Vornicu

Stefan Dudas has over ten years of experience in international dispute settlement and has practiced law in several European jurisdictions, including France, Germany, Austria and Romania while working for world-renowned international law firms, such as Shearman & Sterling LLP and Derains & Gharavi International, and other market leading law firms in Romania, such as NNDKP and Musat & Associates.

He focuses his practice on investor-State disputes, as well as complex commercial arbitrations in the energy, infrastructure, insurance, and oil and gas sectors.  He has acted as counsel in arbitrations before ICSID, ICC and UNCITRAL under a variety of substantive laws. Recent cases in which Stefan acted include:

  • An ICC arbitration seated in Paris between a Middle Eastern State and an Asian company in relation to a dispute arising out of a contract for the construction and exploitation of a solid waste management facility valued at over USD 500 million;
  • An ICC arbitration seated in Paris between a Qatari company and the largest car manufacturers in the world over the termination of a distribution agreement, with an amount in dispute over USD 150 million;
  • A dispute under the SCC Arbitration Rules concerning the construction of a power plant in Libya valued at over USD 400 million;
  • Two ICC arbitrations seated in Paris between one of the largest Italian power company and a State-owned company in relation to a privatization agreement entailing the modernization of the national power grid in Romania. The total amount in dispute was over EUR 1.5 billion;
  • A series of ICC arbitrations seated in Paris between one of the largest French companies specialized in construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure and a State-owned company, valued at over EUR 125 million concerning some of the largest infrastructure projects in Romania;
  • An investment treaty dispute initiated by a Dutch investor under the ICSID Convention against Romania in relation to bankruptcy of one of the largest insurance companies in the CEE region valued at EUR 350 million;
  • An investment treaty dispute between an Iranian investor and South Korea under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules in relation to the privatization of a State-owned company valued at over USD 500 million.

Stefan holds a Master of Laws in international arbitration from Stockholm University and is currently finalizing a Ph.D. in international law at the University of Vienna.

He has authored numerous articles and is a frequent lecturer in international arbitration. Stefan’s recent publications include:

  • “Energy Charter Treaty, the Protection of Renewable Energy Investments post Achmea”, in The future of Investment Treaty Arbitration in the EU. Energy Charter Treaty, Intra-EU BITs and Multilateral Investment Court, co-author, Kluwer International, (upcoming in May 2020);
  • “Treaty Counterclaims under the ICSID Convention” in ICSID Convention after 50 years: unsettled issues, Kluwer International 2017;
  • “A Sovereign’s Broken Promise: the Golden Ticket to a Billion-Dollar Award?”, Kluwer Arbitration Blog, June 21, 2016;
  • “Annulment of awards in Arbitration in Romania”, C. Leaua and F. A. Baias eds. Kluwer International, 2016;
  • “Construction law in Romania”, Co-author in Construction Law in Europe, European Society of Construction Law (ESCL) 2016;
  • “A story about broken promises and legitimate expectations: Bilcon of Delaware et al. v. Canada”, Kluwer Arbitration Blog, 11 September 2015.

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