Newly introduced partial receptions: a significant improvement in transport infrastructure works.
The Government approved in September 2018 a series of significant modifications in the field of construction and infrastructure works.

By means of Ordinance no. 84/2018 two main changes were brought to Law no. 50/1991 regarding the authorization of construction works, as follows:

reception for finalized works may be performed for sections, sectors or parts of works included in the building permit (deriving from one or different execution contracts) when these can be used separately, according to their intended destination.

for works related to roads and railways infrastructure of national interest, the Ministry of Transport shall elaborate its own Reception regulation, which will be approved by Government Decision.

Prior to the amendments brought by Ordinance no. 84/2018, partial receptions were not feasible under the same conditions.

As such, the changes underlined above represent a significant improvement in the development and implementation of infrastructure projects.