We offer legal advice and support on all public procurement, construction and infrastructure matters, in all major sectors, including transport infrastructure (airports, ports, roads, rail and water), oil and gas, petrochemicals and power plants.

Our highly regarded procurement and infrastructure team provides specialist advice on any procurement and infrastructure matters – from start to finish. We combine comprehensive legal knowledge with excellent pragmatism. Our legal support covers all public procurement and infrastructure matters inter alia consultancy, negotiation, risk assessment,  remedies, claims and disputes . We understand the issues, the industry and its trends and offer integrated legal advice for businesses. Our lawyers have a strong international legal background, outstanding academic accomplishments and can easily navigate different business and legal cultures, whilst being mindful of the local practice and reality.

How can we help

We offer front-end and back-end advice on procurement and construction law on both contentious and non-contentious matters, from assistance during the tender phase to the resolution of disputes arising out of projects.  Experienced in giving advice and guidance on matters related to all stages, prior to, during and after the initiation of public procurement proceedings, including advice on the drafting of tender and award procedure issues, signing and negotiation of the contract (including FIDIC-based), the implementation phase and its aftereffects, including procurement remedies and construction disputes. We advise on developing procurement strategies and the analysis and allocation of risk. We review, draft, amend and negotiate all forms of procurement and infrastructure documentation and we give legal advice on new digital tools used in the construction sector, such as Building Information Modelling.

We provide value to our clients and address any issues between parties at an early stage. We adopt a commercial and legal approach to prevent disputes from escalating. However, when they do, we have the capacity and expertise to resolve large and complex disputes through adjudication, mediation, negotiation, arbitration, and litigation.

Our clients include private individuals, developers, contractors, consultants, and funders.

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